Microsoft Acquires Datazen

Microsoft today announced that it has acquired Datazen, a mobile business intelligence and data visualization service.

Datazen, launched three years ago, allows businesses to create mobile dashboards from data in Microsoft Excel, but also from other cloud and enterprise database sources. To run Datazen, enterprises need to run Windows Server, IIS and .NET behind their firewalls, as well as Datazen’s server software. Microsoft will likely integrate Datazen’s technologies and expertise into its Power BI product, but it’s unclear what the roadmap for this integration looks like.

The company offers apps for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, Android and the web. According to today’s announcement, all of its products will remain available for the time being and the team will continue to work on Datazen’s server and client products.

Starting today, Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition customers (version 2008 and up) can already download Datazen’s server software at no cost.

Datazen’s mobile applications and rebrand them as Power BI for iOS or Android.

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