Automatically log in to your Mac when you’re wearing your Apple Watch


Get right to work with Apple Watch

This new feature in macOS Sierra lets you use your Apple Watch to easily unlock your Mac computer. Remember that, the ‘Auto Lock’ feature won’t work unless other security and authentication safeguards is enabled. Here i explain.

Hardware/Software Requirement(s)

  • Auto Unlock only works with Macs from 2013 and later. So, even though your 2012 Mac works with practically everything, including features that require low-energy Bluetooth, you still won’t be able to take advantage of Auto Unlock.
  • Your Mac has to be running macOS Sierra
  • Apple Watch (Series 0, 1, and 2 are all compatible) but it should be running watchOS 3.
  • iCloud Two-factor authentication
  • Your Apple Watch and your Mac have to be using the same iCloud account. Make sure you are properly signed in on both devices with the same Apple ID.
  • Your Mac and Apple Watch have a passcode

So if everything is good, here we go…

In your computer,

  1. Navigate to the Apple logo on the upper left hand of the screen and select “System Preferences.
  2. Click on “Security & Privacy” from the first row of apps.


Remember one thing: you need to enable Apple watch with Passcode.

Without the passcode, this feature will not work.


To turn on the passcode on your watch, we’ll use our iPhone.

  1. Tap the “Watch” icon on the Home screen on your phone.
  2. On the “My Watch” screen, tap “Passcode”.
  3. Tap “Turn Passcode On” on the “Passcode” screen.
  4. A message displays on your phone telling you to enter a new passcode on your watch.
  5. Tap out a new 4 digit passcode on the number pad that displays on your watch. By default, the passcode to unlock your watch is four digits.
    • NOTE: Your Apple Watch passcode can be different from your iPhone passcode. In fact, you should make them different for better security.
  6. You will be asked to re-enter your passcode, so tap it out again.
  7. Once you enable “Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac”, it requires your user authentication to continue



Once you enter the password, if the 2 factor authentication is not enabled, below will prompt.


To enable Auto Unlock, you will also need to turn on Two-Factor Authentication if it isn’t on already.

So how to do it?


  1. Open your Apple icon at the top-left of your Mac display, then select System Preferences.
  2. Choose the first icon in the third row of settings options, labeled “iCloud.”
  3. Click “Account Details,” and on the following screen, select the third tab, labeled “Security.”
  4. On the Security screen, click the option to enable two-factor authentication, and follow all the required prompts to enter any necessary passwords or payment information, and answer security questions, if necessary.

Once you’ve enabled two-factor authentication, you’re ready to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch.


Once all the configuration done. Click done and close the lid or unlock the screen.


The new “Auto Unlock” option lets you quickly unlock your Mac by simply wearing an unlocked Watch while in range of the laptop or desktop.


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