OneDrive for Business


OneDrive for Business-Preventing unintentional sharing to “Everyone” or “All Users”

OneDrive for Business is designed to ensure that only those with viewing or editing permissions can view or edit a file. Many organizations want sharing with people to be a


OneDrive for Business – IT management controls

OneDrive for Business enables users to synchronize their files for offline use across their PCs or Macs. One of the most common requests from IT admins is to have the

OneDrive for Business

Restrictions and limitations – OneDrive for Business

Really?? Restrictions and limitations  in using OneDrive for Business when you sync SharePoint (SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2013) libraries to your computer. Number of items that can be synced with

Sharepoint Online

Pooled Storage model – SharePoint Online

Microsoft is releasing new feature to enhance our Office 365 experience. The new pooled storage model in SharePoint Online is based on usage, making it easier to manage availability of

OneDrive for Business

One Drive for Business – How Synchronization works

One drive for business – How synchronisation works….great workflow from Microsoft   Link here: Onedrive


Microsoft OneDrive for Business v1.2 – For iOS platform

OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro)…Previous versions of OneDrive for Business for iOS focused on connecting to the multi-tenant environment of Office 365. Office 365 for dedicated systems are separate