Power Shell


Windows PowerShell to manage Office 365

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Add UPN Suffixes to Active Directory users

UPN (User Principal Name) Suffixes: You can use Active Directory Domains and Trusts to add user principal name (UPN) suffixes for the existing user account. The default UPN suffix for

DIR Sync

Office 365 – Migration approach

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DIR Sync

Office 365 – Cloud configuration – Step by step

In my previous post…ADFS…Active Directory Federation Service i was talking about the ADFS architecture and promise for the deployment or migration to O365 from Microsoft. Here i’m dedicating a page for Office

Exchange Management Shell

Power Shell CMD – Exchange server 2010 – Check the status of the exchange server service(s)

To check the status of the exchange server service, go to EMS…and type get-service *exchange* Enjoy!!!

Exchange Management Console

Exchange server 2010 SP1 – Step by Step installlation on the production server – Live

Earlier i’ve done the Exchange server migration – 2007 to 2010 – Live cast, Its been 10 months since Exchange team release the SP1 for Microsoft Exchange server 2010….today i’m


Mailbox – email address count – Exchange 2010 Powershell CMD

To get a count of how many email addresses each mailbox is having Power Shell CMD : get-recipient “username” | select name, @{Name=”Count”;Expression={[array]($_.EmailAddresses).Count}} for SMTP addresses: get-recipient “username” | select