Mac Tips

  1. A simple way to open the user Library folder in the Finder is to open the Go menu, press and hold the Option key to display Library in the menu, and then choose Library. The user Library folder holds behind-the-scenes files: collections of data, personal preferences, user-specific fonts, and more.
  2. Uninstalling apps is really simple. See that trash bin located in your dock? Just drag the application you want to remove / uninstall to the trash bin. Commonly small preference setting files and other minor files remain when you just drag on application to the trash bin to uninstall. If you want removed every detail of an app use AppCleaner
  3. fn – delete: Deletes to the right instead of to the left.
  4. fn – control – F2: Navigate the menu bar without the use of mouse. Use arrow keys to maneuver and return key to select.
  5. fn – F11: Moves all open applications and windows to the far side of the screen. This reveals the desktop and gives quick access to all the desktop icons and files.
  6. OS X: Keyboard shortcuts: Click here .
  7. 20 computer terms every Mac user should know Click here


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